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Short Film Review: Social Butterfly

Jahsh Durrant a current Warwick Academy student and our resident BIFF Blogger reviews some of the short films screening in the Bermuda Shorts Competition. 

Social Butterfly

Lauren Wolkstein’s short film ‘Social Butterfly’ is a mystery story of an American woman who enters a French teenage girl’s birthday party with no properly given explanation. As a mystery much of the film is based around us as the audience attempts to figure what is true and false as collect the various clues which can help to know why this person has invaded this party and who exactly they truly are.

One of the best aspects of the ‘Social Butterfly’ is that the mystery of who our protagonist is remains interesting throughout the entire film as while some semblance of an explanation is given her true motivations remain vague which keeps the storyline interesting and can encourage actual discussion of the mystery from an audience. This clear focus is evident as even with other situations and characters added as the film goes on it still remains the most important and the most interesting part of the film which holds the other subplots together. This is helped through a strong performance by Anna Margaret Hollyman as the protagonist Margaret who through the use of subtle changes in facial expressions makes it hard to know whether what she is saying is true or false which allows the character to become more interesting.

However despite this the film is hurt by much weaker performances by the minor cast with all but one exception (Camille Claris as Chloe) of the other actors playing the actual teenagers at the party coming across as flat and dull in comparison to the protagonist with many of the stronger character moments coming when they were off screen. These minor characters also often resulted in situations which were irrelevant to the main plot and did little in getting a reaction out of the audience. While these didn’t take anything away from the film they also didn’t add much of importance.


  • An actually interesting mystery
  • Strong performance from main protagonist


  • Weak minor cast
  • Some unneeded moments

Overall ‘Social Butterfly’ is a thoughtful and interesting mystery story which creates a compelling enough main protagonist and storyline that it should be seen if at all possible.

Social Butterfly screens on April 16th at 4:00pm as part of Short Program: Global Visions.


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