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Short Film Review: Victoria Meets


Jahsh Durrant a current Warwick Academy student and our resident BIFF Blogger reviews some of the short films screening in the Bermuda Shorts Competition. 

Victoria Meets

Robert Bierman’s short film ‘Victoria Meets’ is set in 1874 where Queen Victoria is shown trying to cope with the recent death of Prince Albert and return to her royal activities as she is instructed to by Prime Minister William Gladstone. As such the film becomes a character study of the queen herself as we the audience learn what the prince truly meant to her and the devastation which causes her to forget her own position of power.

‘Victoria Meets’ presents itself as not a story but instead a simple conversation between the two most powerful people in Britain who are the only characters which we ever see onscreen. In order for this to be pulled off correctly you obviously need strong performances from your actors which thankfully Saskia Wickham and Oliver Ford Davies pull of incredibly with the heartbreak of the queen over her son’s death and pleas of the prime minister to the queen being perfectly expressed in the actor’s facial expressions and various changes in vocal tone. Also used to enhance the emotion impact is the use of music as the use of little music and instead a reliance on silence means that the few times which music is used have considerably more of an emotional impact in regards to the current scene.

There are however some problems which can be found within ‘Victoria Meets’ most notably is an occasionally hard to follow script which can limit how much of a connection you have to the characters (this is meant to be one of the driving forces of the film!!). While this can be understood as an attempt to emulate the upper class of the 1870’s it can still make it hard to follow for the casual viewer. Another problem is in the single set and lack of interesting camera angles which can create a boring atmosphere with a feeling of nothing really happening.


  • Strong performance from both actors
  • Limited but strong use of musical score


  • Occasionally confusing script
  • A lack of interesting sets or camera angles

Overall ‘Victoria Meets’ may not be a favorite but still stands a solid film and a strong character study of Queen Victoria.

Victoria Meets will screen on April 13th at 3:45pm as part of Short Film Program: Reel Britianna.


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