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Short Film Review: Asad


Jahsh Durrant a current Warwick Academy student and our resident BIFF Blogger reviews some of the short films screening in the Bermuda Shorts Competition. 


Bryan Buckley’s short film ‘Asad’ tells the tale of the eponymous protagonist: a Somali boy who is while wishing to join the life of a pirate is instead forced to the simple life of a fisherman. This leads him to a coming of age story where he learns of both the talent for has for fishing but also of the dangers which can be associated with the life of a pirate.

One of the most incredible things to know about ‘Asad’ is that none of the actors have had previous acting experience and are actually involved in their first (and probably last) roles in a film. Throughout the film however you will not notice this at all with the majority of the cast give incredibly convincing performances in their roles: especially of note is Harun Mohammed playing our protagonist who slowly grows more and more confident in his role as a fisherman as the film goes on. This acting is helped by a strong script and musical score which help to illustrate the destruction of the country of Somalia from the perspective of those who were directly involved while also showing the compassion which is still inhibited by its people.

If there was any problem with this film it can be found in the emotional payoff to major events towards the end as the film speeds up in pace incredibly in the final few minutes. This turns events which should be shocking or even sad into events that you will forget about quickly as the film doesn’t stay focused on them for long enough.


  • Strong acting from an inexperienced main cast
  • Script and story which show the devastation of Somali pirates
  • An emotional musical score


  • Lack of emotional impact from finale of film

Overall ‘Asad’ is a great short film with a strong understanding of its source material from its creators and should be watched by as many people as possible.

Asad screens on April 18th at 9:15pm it will proceed the feature film In the Shadow of the Sun.


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