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Gandalf brings news of great festivities ahead of The Hobbit screenings

This article was original printed in 12/12/2012 edition of the Bermuda Sun written by Sarah Lagan

A wizened old wizard greeted morning commuters alongside Johnny Barnes today.

But this was no ordinary wizard, this was Gandalf the Great and he brought a magical message to the villagers of Bermuda  — news of great festivities ahead of the highly-anticipated movie The Hobbit — An Unexpected Journey.

This much-loved fable hits the big screen three times this Friday at Speciality Cinema and the 2:30pm screening will be aimed primarily at the younger children who break up for the holidays on the sameday.

Tickets are $25 and the screening will be preceded by a party starting at 1:30pm. Youngsters are encouraged to dress up as their favourite character from the film series and there will be special prizes for best dressed as well as goodie bags for all and a very special guest from Middle Earth.

Those public school students who do not break up until the following week will sadly have to wait a little longer.

There will be two further screenings on the same day at 6:30pm and 10pm each with a one-hour party before hand.

Tickets for the adults are $40 and include one drink (beer, wine or possibly a secret Hobbit recipe – “Gandalf’s Wizard elixir”), some Hobbit nibbles and a ticket to a raffle which will be held before each screening. Additional raffle tickets are available for $5 each. Tickets for children going to the later shows will still be $25.

Tickets are expected to sell out quickly, they are available from or via and at the cinema box office.

Money raised from the screenings will go towards the Bermuda International Film Festival.

And for those struggling financially this Christmas there will be ten complimentary tickets made available through The Coalition for the Protection of Children courtesy of BIFF.

It is hoped that more complimentary tickets can be made available through corporate donations for those less fortunate members of our community.

The Coalition for the Protection of Children will distribute the tickets on behalf of the donating businesses.

BIFF organizers are looking for volunteers to help out during the three first day screenings in various roles. They include volunteers to check tickets, serve drinks, clean 3D glasses betweenscreenings, sell raffle ticket, dress up as characters and hand out gifts.

Potential volunteers or donors should contact Tim Stewart at the Film Festival at, or call 300-7103. Donors can also book tickets directly at Specialty and specify that they are for the Coalition for the Protection of Children.


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