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A warm Bermuda welcome to overseas filmmakers & industry buffs

If you see an arty looking type walking up Front Street this week clad with a BIFF 2012 lanyard, you could be looking at the Steven Spielberg or Brad Pitt of the future!

We are delighted to have so many of the BIFF 2012 Bermuda Shorts filmmakers and stars in town for the 15th annual Bermuda International Film Festival. We welcome:

Hans Montelius, Director, Act 1 Scene 1
Kristin Alexander, Director, Trusting Rain
Logan Sandler, Director, All It Will Ever Be
David Cronin, Cinematographer, All It Will Ever Be
Matt Poulton, Associate Producer, All It Will Ever Be
George Hamilton, Director, Corner Show
Kenneth Murphy, Producer, First Match
Stefan Lengauer, Director, Zoe
Patrick Ng, Director, Real Talk
Sui Keunf Wong, Lead Actor, Real Talk
Valentin Riedl, Director, Burned Soil
Kathrin Anna Stahl, Producer, Burned Soil
Alexis Fortier Gauthier, Director, Snowbound
Shandor Garrison, Director, Nightlife
Michelle Toth, Producer, Nightlife

Feature filmmakers James Issac and Vernon Clarke representing Toni are here too.

Also in town from overseas are Nik Powell, Oscar-winning Producer and Director of the U.K.’s National Film & Television School, here to play the role of lead BIFF 2012 juror. Bermudian juror, Michael Frith, Emmy-Award winning producer, has also flown in to join us as a juror from his home in New York. Leslie Taubman, Film Academic, has also touched down to play juror.

We have members of the international press here too: Peter Rainer from National Public Radio, Carlos Segura from Cinespect, and Lauren Wissot from Filmmakker Magazine.

We wish them all a Bermudaful stay!!!


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