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The BIFF 2012 box office opens on Wednesday at 11am, very exciting! The biggest section is World Cinema with a line up includes Foreign Language Film Oscar winner, A Separation, and three films nominated for the same category: Bullhead, Footnote, and In Darkness. Wuthering Heights, the latest offering from Director Andrea Arnold, whose short film, Wasp, screened at BIFF 2004 and later won a Short Film Academy Award is also being shown. The celebrated narrative features Corpo Celeste, Declaration of War, and Where Do We Go Now?, along with thought-provoking documentaries, Khodorkovsky, Putin’s Kiss, Whores’ Glory and The Island President complete this section.

Take a trip with BIFF to Iran, Belgium, Italy, France, Israel, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Russia, U.K., U.S.A and Lebanon, without ever having to leave Bermuda. At $13 a ticket for BIFF members or $15 for non-member, it’ll be a lot cheaper than flying, and a little more convenient, that’s for sure!


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