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For Your Consideration: Olivia Colman & Peter Mullan

Indiewire’s Peter Knget discusses 13 underdog actresses and actors that deserve attention at this year’s oscar race. Coming in second is Olivia Colan for her role in this month’s Bifflix selection Tyrannosaur. As well as the film’s star Peter Mullan. Here’s what Peter has to say:

Olivia Colman, Tyrannosaur
In Paddy Considine’s directorial debut, which first screened at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year (it’s being released Stateside November 18), Olivia Colman plays Hannah, a Christian do-gooder who gives refuge to an alcoholic, rage-filled widower (played by Peter Mullan). Colman, known best for her comedic work in British television (though she does have a small role in the much more Oscar-friendly “The Iron Lady”) is an absolute revelation, garnering herself some of the best reviews to come out of Sundance (and a special jury prize that she shared with Mullan). Like Binoche, she faces an uphill battle when it comes to mainstream awards recognition, but she’ll hopefully be remembered by others for giving one of the year’s most powerful performances.

Peter Mullan, Tyrannosaur
Another actor whose female co-star was noted last week (here, Olivia Colman), Peter Mullan gives a startling performance in Paddy Considine’s directorial debut “Tyrannosaur.” Mullan’s performance as a raging alcoholic and isolated widower is one that, with the right promotion, could genuinely be an awards player (though its distributor Strand is quite wee compared to those releasing Mullan’s competitors). It’s a career highlight for the veteran Scottish actor, whose credits include “Trainspotting,” “The Magdalene Sisters,” “Neds” and Spielberg’s upcoming “War Horse.”

To see the full article and read up on the other deserving actresses and actors listed..


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