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Bermudian Filmmaker wins 2011 Charman Prize

Bermudian filmmaker Andrew Stevenson made history this year when he was awarded the grand prize at this year’s Charman Prize for his documentary Where the Whales Sing. The win marks the first time that a film has been awarded the grand prize. The decision was unanimously made by the panel of judges.

The Charman Prize is an annual art prize competition for local artists in Bermuda which was established in 2008. Sponsor and patron of the Charman Prize is Mr. John Charman, the CEO and President of Axis Capital Holdings, a local businessman, and an art collector.

The intention of the Charman Prize is to exhibit artwork inspired by Bermuda, and to honor and support artists in the creation of their artwork. Artworks are reviewed by a panel of judges, and the Charman Prize grants awards based on the artwork’s excellence according to the competition’s overall theme and four points of judging criteria. The grand prize winning artist wins $10,000 for an artwork that embodies an outstanding example of the judging criteria.

Where the Whales Sing is a documentary film which tells the story of migration of the humpback whale through Bermuda’s waters.


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