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A Word from Liana Hall

BIFF has always been dedicated to supporting our home grown talent. We are happy to share this note from Liana Hall a young Bermudian actress based out of L.A., who has a upcoming film project and there looking to launch a fundraising event here in Bermuda. See details below.

Hi All,

I’m Associate Producing a new film called “Genesis: New American Superheroes” and we’re launching the film in Bermuda! We’re fundraising, so if I invited you and you’re not in Bermuda, you can still donate at Even $1 will move a pebble of the mountain that is Genesis. The writer/director Teresa Dowell-Vest will be coming down to the island from… LA for this event. She will also be signing copies of her book “The Box 69” which sold well in Bermuda, so if you bought a copy, bring it along!

We’re trying to raise $2m dollars for the film, and filming is due to start in October. The event is free, but we’d appreciate any donations. Genesis’ facebook page is found at

The event is at O Bar (formerly Opus). It’s a couple of hours out of your Sunday, and your support would really mean a lot to me. We’re also screening the Director’s short film “Stuck”. So come along for a fun afternoon and learn more about the film. We want to be able to say that Genesis was born in Bermuda.

Synopsis: Set in present day Los Angeles, “Genesis” follows the lives and adventures of five siblings who were given extraordinary powers by their parents when they were children. Scientists Alegra and Donovan Tolson were children of the Civil Rights Movement. They saw their families’ lives scarred by the Tuskegee Experiments and vow they would use science to save the world, not destroy it. They, …with fellow scientist and long time friend, Eli Jensen, begin experiments on their five children in 1989. These experiments are designed to give the four elder children special gifts, powers that will connect them to the Earth’s natural elements: earth (Taige, age 6), fire (Xander, 5), water (Xavier, 5), and air (Jordan,4). The fifth children, Quincey (age 2), is given his power against Alegra’s consent. Donovan secretly connects young Quincey to an elaborate computer system, uploading all the world’s knowledge and technology into Quincey’s small frame. Alegra finds out about Donovan’s plan, but not in time to stop the upload. The outcome, the resulting powers…for Quincey or his four siblings…far exceeds the parents’ expectations. The children are separated, for their own protection, for 20 years. In 2009, the siblings are reunited, having long forgotten their parents, their powers and each other, to save the world. “Genesis” is the story of when five strangers must become family…and then heroes.

-Liana Hall


One response to “A Word from Liana Hall

  1. Terésa Dowell-Vest August 28, 2011 at 8:34 pm

    Thank you SO much for helping us spread the word about “Genesis”!!! I look forward to visiting your beautiful island and celebrating the launch of production!!
    -Terésa Dowell-Vest

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