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Sundance ShortsLab: N.Y.C.

Recently I was afforded the opportunity to attend a short filmmaking workshop in new york city. The short film lab was hosted by the prestigious Sundance Film Institute. Attendees paid a price of $150 and in return attended a one-day workshop focusing on the art of short filmmaking. Panelists included; Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck the duo behind the critically acclaimed Half Nelson, Debra Granick the director of the oscar nominated film Winter’s Bone, Josh and Benny Safdie the team of brothers who created the mumblecore film Daddy Longlegs, Reed Morano director of photography of Frozen River, Alan Oxman editor of Storytelling, Carter Smith the director of the award-winning short film Bugcrush to name but a few of the esteemed panelists. The range of topics covered were elements such as; story, production, distribution, and programming. Which was followed by a networking reception at the end of the day.

I could sit here and write you a really long and detailed post about the awesomeness of the panelists who provided great advice and information for aspiring filmmakers. But thankfully our good friends over at Cinespect already did so. Check out Carlos J. Segura’s account of the day here.

Also check out the official Sundance blog which gives another detailed account of the day here.

If your a short filmmaker like myself I encourage you to attend one of these worthwhile workshops whether it be in LA, NYC, or the Chicago area. Although keep in mind these workshops are geared towards individuals who are already working in or are familiar with the industry. If you are a novice this might not be the right workshop for you.

– Andrew


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